Afterpay Day 2021 Sale!

Welcome to the Afterpay Day 2021 Sale!

 FREE 6 Block Melt with every Triple Wick Candle!
All you need to do is add your Candles and your Melts to your cart then add the discount code AFTERPAYDAY21 at the check out and boom...
Your Melts are FREE!
1 Candle = 1 FREE 6 Block Melt
2 Candles = 2 FREE 6 Block Melts
3 Candle = You guessed it! 3 FREE 6 Block Melts
And so on!
Offer valid from 18/03/21 - 21/02/21

Why not pay with Afterpay! Pay it off in 4 easy interest free instalments.
For more information on Afterpay visit